15 Apr 2007 @ 03:15 ET


As you may have guessed, News Ninja is down. I made the executive decision to take it down for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was crippling our poor poor server.
  2. It has problems we really need to fix.
  3. It makes me feel dirty to have a live phpBB install.
  4. We're sorta pre-occupied with moving to our new server, and News Ninja blowing things up on the old server is distracting.

So I took it down. Really, it's tough to want to keep a thing around intended to be a start page when it takes over 30 seconds to load. On a good day.

This downtime, however, is just going to be a temporary thing. I promise. In the very near future I'm going to begin the ground-up rewrite of News Ninja, which will be far more streamlined (ie: no tacked-on forum system that no one ever uses), significantly faster, and most importantly actually maintainable. It'll still look the same, still function the same, will still have all your accounts and feeds set up as they were before the downtime, but it will actually . . you know . . work most of the time.

Downtime will at least last until we get moved to the new server. Once we're situated over there we'll actually have resources available such that if News Ninja decides it needs to be a hog, it won't totally kill everything else. If the rewrite isn't ready by then, we'll bring back News Ninja as it is now.

So hold tight. We'll be back soon enough. I feel News Ninja still has tangible benefits over all other RSS readers out there (in that it's still the only one I know of that has easily configurable grouped feeds), so I want it back just as much as you do. We'll just all have to find a way to cope for a couple weeks.

Are you displeased by this? Great. Please yell at me about it. Tell me how much downtime sucks. Tell me how News Ninja could be better. It'll be fun and cathartic.

Jeff 'inpheaux' George
Owner, Administrator